Hadeed Cheeni/Hematite'


    Hematite is a natural stone that is commonly used for its healing properties and to bring balance to your body and home, especially when used with feng shui intention. Its dark color makes it useful for absorbing and protecting against negative energies in your home. Hematite is also associated with the root chakra and is grounding and stabilizing.

    This stone is well-known for its healing power and ability to act as a protective cloak. It can help with shyness, self-esteem, survival, and increasing willpower, dependability, and confidence. Hematite is also useful in treating overeating, smoking, and other types of overindulgence, as well as compulsions and addictions.

    Hadeed Cheeni is a stone that strengthens insight, repels Satan and harmful illusions, and is good for repelling magic, evil eye, and other harm. It is recommended for pregnant women to make childbirth easier. Wearing it can give you confidence and reverence, especially when visiting a person of authority such as a judge or ruler, or in times of war. It is recommended to wear on Wednesdays, but not for too long, especially if one is not in an environment where it is needed. According to some sources, Imam Ali (as) wore it during the war.

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