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The Sufficient full complex web of healing.

Sufficient ✔ Perfection ✔ Prosperity 

  • PURPOSE: each gem has a significant purpose and a healing ability 7 GEMS Main Gemstones:
  1. Agate from Yemen
  2. Emerald
  3. Ruby
  4. Sapphire
  5. Quartz (dur e najaf) from the holy najaf
  6. Persian Turquoise.
  7. Peridot
  • HEALING:AGATE: for general protection and enhancement for your body and spirit, TURQUOISE: for prosperity and protection and victory, EMERALD: for nobility, RUBY: for a better healthy body, SAPPHIRE: for mental peace QUARTZ: the greatest in this ring! Yes even better than ruby, has very high protection and calming effect on your body.
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