Handmade Dur e Najaf Ring Sterling Silver 92.5 | Original Dur Alnajaf Stone Engraved with Allah Named And Ahlulbayt Names with the full 12 Imams PBUT | US Size 13


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Handmade Sterling Silver Ring With A Natural Genuine Dur e Najaf Stone from the holy city of Najaf, Iraq

  • Stone Type: Dur Al Najaf (در النجف الاصلي)
  • Metal Type: Pure Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Origin: The Holy City Of Najaf, Iraq
  • Stone Engraving:  Allah, Muhammed Ali Fatima Hassan Hussain Sajjad Sadiq Kathim Riza Jawad Askari Mahdi
  • Stone Engraving in Arabic: الله محمد علي فاطمة حسن حسين باقر صادق كاظم رضا جواد عسكري مهدي
  • Note: All dur e najaf stones have some kind of a natural inclusion and a natural way of formation in the earth, it is very rare to see one with no inclusions.