Red Aqeeq Ring Multi Stone Handmade Persian Ring | AlAliGems | Ruby Emerald Sapphire Peridot Agate Quartz Turquoise Us Size 11.5


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Full complex web of healing.
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Gemstones: 7 Stones Ring 

Agate from yemen (Yemeni Aqeeq), Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz (dur e najaf) from the holy najaf, Persian Turquoise, Peridot (Zabarjad)

Size: Resize is available upon request with $25 extra fee (Please advise your size and the item you would like to resize before buying or else we would not be able to resize it) 

Metal Type:925K Sterling Silver Guaranteed.   

Country of Manufacture:Iran, Mashhad 

WHY OURS? :Genuine Yemeni Agate (Aqeeq): Yemeni Agate is considered the finest type of agate in the world, also known for its high spiritual effects on ones life, Yemeni Agate it the favorite primary stone for more than 70 million Muslim around the world.

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