Hadeed Cheeni/Hematite Pendants


      Hematite is a natural stone that is often used to balance and support the healing of your body and your home when used with feng shui intention. The dark color can be used to protect and absorb any negative energies in your home. It's also connected with the root chakra, so it's grounding and stabilizing.
      Hematite has been known as a stone of great healing power and also for its ability to serve as a protective cloak.

      Hematite is a powerful stone that may help with shyness, self-esteem, and survival, as well as increasing willpower and dependability and instilling confidence. It aids in the treatment of overeating, smoking, and other kinds of overindulgence, as well as compulsions and addictions.

      Hadeed Cheeni strengthens your insight, repels Satan and harmful illusions. Good for repelling magic, evil-eye and other harms. Also good for pregnant woman and making easy child delivery. It gives you confidence and reverence, and highly recommended to wear in war, or when you need to overcome an enemy, or are visiting a person of authority, like a judge or a ruler. Recommended to wear on Wednesdays.
      One does not have to always wear it. It is recommended not to wear it too long. Only when one is afraid of some kind of mischief in which one would wear it when visiting that environment.
      And from some sources it is said Imam Ali (as) would wear it when he went into war.