Hirz Sharaf Al-Shams


    Hirz Sharaf Al-Shams is the talisman that embodies the nobility of the sun. This powerful talisman is meticulously crafted during a specific celestial alignment when the sun aligns with Aries. Legends tell of the perfect harmony between the Earth, Sun, and Moon during this time, making the talisman infused with incredible energy.

    Named after Imam Ali (a.s.), the Hirz is adorned with special symbols and numbers,  engraved on a yellow agate stone. It is believed to contain the concealed Greatest Name of Allah ta'ala and five of the Greatest Names.

    Unlock the universe's secrets and tap into the realm of al-Ghayb with Hirz Sharaf Al-Shams. Harness its mystical powers to bring about blessings, protection, and enlightenment. But remember, this talisman can only be written on the 19th of Farvardin, between 11 am and 11 pm. Don't miss this rare opportunity to possess a truly remarkable talisman. Order yours now and experience the power of Hirz Sharaf Al-Shams for yourself.

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