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Alexndrite TheRomantic Healer



  • PURPOSE:Alexandrite encourages romance. It is also said that through the stone, joy enters the lives of people with too much self-discipline. The stone reminds us of our purpose in life and our origin. It gives hope to those who are in despair about their lives. It brings strength and constantly reminds them of the light. With its changing color, it is a reminder that life is not only what it seems to be.AlexndriteAlexandrites are also useful for one’s emotional well being, as well as promoting self-esteem and the ability to be appreciative of the world around us. The stone assists one in developing “inner energy changes” which correspond with age and maturation. Alexandrites can aid in centering oneself. Metaphysicians say alexandrite crystals may be used to help one return to the origin of time and to connect with the beginning of one’s development.

  • Since the discovery of alexandrite, the gemstone has been thought to bring luck, good fortune and love. In Russia, it is considered to be a stone of very good omen. It is believed to bring balance in the interaction between the physical manifest world and the unmanifest spiritual, or astral world. It opens the crown chakra, bringing one access to the warm, healing energy and love of the universe. It is also said to strengthen intuiion, creativity, and imagination.

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